New Construction on Clemmons Library

Forsyth County is about to begin construction on another new library in one of the fastest growing places, Clemmons, NC.  The population of Clemmons is now more than 20,000 people and business is booming along the main corridor. Many say the current library, which has served this community since 1984, needs many changes to accommodate the rapid growth. Residents and local leaders say it’s too cramped and parking and traffic needs aren’t being met. 

Deputy County Manager Damon Sanders-Pratt says the new library will be more than double in size.

“The current facility has five public computers, the new one will have up to 31 public computers,” says Sanders-Pratt. “There will be a distinct teen space, which doesn’t exist at the current facility. There will be a truly separate and distinct children’s area, so it will be significantly bigger at 20,000 square feet.”

The full article from WFDD’s Keri Brown can be found here.