Project Location

Winston-Salem, NC

Square Footage


Schedule Duration

9 months


This project is a new three-story building dedicated to the department of Health & Exercise Science. It was constructed adjacent to the existing WFU School of Law—Worrell Professional Center with connections on the ground and first floor levels. New spaces included a 2-story lobby, 33 offices, lounges, conference rooms, workrooms, study rooms, restrooms, and storage. New laboratories included a Treadmill Lab, Pulmonary Function Lab, Functional Testing Lab, Wet Lab, Dynamic Testing Lab, Biomechanics Lab, Bio-Behavior Lab, Body Composition Lab, Cognitive Testing Lab, two Assessment Labs, and the Anatomy Lab.


Highlights include the new building was constructed on a very limited total site area of 25,000 SF which was bound on all four sides by the Worrell building, roadway, and tree-save areas.