Project Location

Winston-Salem, NC


15 Months

Square Footage



Addiction Recovery Care Association is a renovation to an existing 83,858 square foot building. The renovation houses a residential drug and alcohol treatment center for this local nonprofit. The ARCA campus includes a dormitory serving both men and women, a dining hall, meeting/counseling rooms, a separate area for family group programs and outdoor recreation areas. The facility will allow ARCA to serve 1,890 detox and 1,670 treatment clients per year.


Highlights include increased capacity for housing accommodations, the expansion of counseling services, treatment and recovery programs, educational support and outreach efforts to educate the community about substance abuse disorders.

Due to the renovation, an increased capacity allows for 25 detox clients and 75 treatment clients at any given time.

A meeting space to accommodate 64 people in several meeting/group rooms.