February 1, 2020

Budd Gym Gives Women’s Basketball a Home of Their Own

The Wake Forest Women’s Basketball team officially moved into their new space in mid-January of this year, and they are already “reaping the benefits.” The scene at the new Budd gym engaged all senses. There were sounds of balls bouncing and swishing through the net. But you couldn’t help taking in the smell as well. With a fresh coat of paint and sparkling banners hanging, the renovated practice gymnasium had a ‘new house’ odor. “We love it,” sophomore forward Christina Morra said. “It’s like a new, fresh start for us. It’s a new beginning for our team, in some respects.” 

As the Shah Basketball Complex opened in September, Budd Gym was closed for upgrades. The women’s team moved back into the practice space in mid-January. The Shah Basketball complex was a $12 million project that developed more than 24,000 square feet in practice space for both the men’s and women’s basketball programs. The renovated Budd Gym is designated primarily for the women’s team, however. “This building is phenomenal,” Wake Forest women’s basketball coach Jen Hoover said. “The gym being open gives our players access 24/7. They had that before but would have to make sure what time the men’s team was practicing and would have to work around that. 

“Now we both have our own gym, and they can be in here any time they want. It’s not going to be used for anything but us. The access it provides. It’s beautiful and huge. It makes a statement about how important basketball is and the commitment level here. The whole building itself is incredible. We’ve been in there since July and then in here since early this month. “In the revamped practice space, there are new lockers for each player, where they can store anything needed for individual or teamwork. There’s also a film area, an observation deck and banners hanging for each player on the current roster. “It’s a program changer,” Hoover said about the new facilities. “The whole building is making an impact in recruiting. It gives us the ‘wow’ factor.” 

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